The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue



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Out Now!!! February 2018
Full Description of  Novel
Who could foresee how the innocent act of perusing used bass ads on Craig’s List would compel Chela Alvarez to journey across Mexico with only a guitar on her back, dodging narcotraficantes, bribe-seeking military men, white collar perverts, and mobs of colorful characters along the way?

This is a story about a brazen musical prodigy who goes on an odyssey from the punk rock slums of Mexico City to suburban Los Angeles. Her quest: to reclaim her grandmother’s bass she believes was commissioned by her grandmother’s secret lover, Charles Mingus known as Sugar Rivera in the novel. Ever since she was nine years old, the unsettled blame for her grandmother’s mysterious death haunted her, propelling her to seek her grandmother’s most precious object, her talisman: a ¾ bass by the name of The Perfumed Lady.

Full of action and peril, magic and passion, this multi-layered adventure story is also a vehicle to explore chronicles of people crossing the border as well as the life of musical genius Charles Mingus, while revealing clashes between varying ethnicities, ages, sexualities, and loves for music within the multicultural umbrella we call Mexico.

The structure of The Stories of Chela Coatlicue Alvarez uses the Choose Your Own Adventure ™ format to explore themes of choice and fate, the way events mold people, or perhaps the other way around. Akin to parallel universes, the stories take characters down different paths. It’s fun to discover, like in an interactive art piece, what happens next. The reader is confronted with the opportunity to consider their own beliefs, choices, and passions while in the process of discovering Chela’s.

 “Luckily if you reach a dead-end and thirst for more, you can flip back to an ill-fated choice and choose again.”

 Chela attempts to cross the border seven times, with a variety of outcomes, some leading to success and others to prison and even her demise. The border is a hot topic, as current events force us to question our immigration policy at the highest levels. This book personalizes the experience. The writing pops and the dialogue is alive. It keeps readers engaged and turning pages (a lot of fricking pages!) Please consider my book for publication. After doing more than 300 readings, I am good at reading out loud and can pull in an audience, both live and on the radio. I have attached a sample from the book. I hope you will enjoy reading something that will surprise you.

Please note: This is a work of fiction. Any names or resemblances to people alive or dead are products of pure fantasy.

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